Monday, May 7, 2012

She's back!

We are so excited that Lucy is back home from her Alabama-Adventure with Grancie + Papa. Lottie was very excited to see her sister. Lucy brought home a new doll, 
which Lottie misunderstood and thought was for her. They had their first knock-down drag-out fight which included throwing of dolls and pinching. Awesome. Neither one of the girls got to sleep with the new doll. After talking to Grancie, we figured out I might be able to get away with transforming Baby Arnold, a doll we already have, for Lottie, to look similar to Lucy's new amazing doll. Baby Arnold was purchased at a consignment shop and we have always sort of considered it our gender-nuetral doll. Well, I stayed up late and cast aside his/her former duds...
an outfit I had made to mimic this kid-size pattern and whipped up a Children's Corner Bunny's Knit Nightie in Preemie. Complete with hat. The hat was one of the main points of contention.
What do you think? Will she be fooled or will she throw it at me and pinch me? We will find out in the morning!

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Lauren said...

OMG this is hilarious and i love your foot in the picture. :)

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